Have you ever had a perfectly planned day, and then all of sudden everything gets cancelled leaving you with a whole day to yourself? Well, that was me this past Saturday. Here's a little background story. I was set to work in downtown Toronto for the Pan-American games that are currently going on, but before that could happen, I had to pick up my ID pass in order (which was all the way in Northern Toronto). How my day was originally planned was like this:

7:30 8:00 am
 Wake Up

8:30 am
 Get to bus stop and commute to Northern Toronto (ETA: 1h20mins)

10:00 am
Pick Up ID pass

11:00 am
Pan Am Orientation

1:00 pm

3:00 pm 
Work Time

11:00 pm 
Go Home

This plan was perfect...until I got to the office to pick up my pass and was told: "Your pass is not ready." Now, my plan looked like this:
10 am - ?

Since I had commuted so far, I didn't want to just go home.  There was also a chance that my pass could be ready in a couple hours, so I decided to start walking. Here is how my day went!

Walking down Yonge Street, I was convinced I would eventually come across a Starbucks (or at least a Tim Horton's). I found a Starbucks at the corner of Yonge and Finch, where I sat and read. 

1st Stop: Starbucks
I am currently reading "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me"
 by Mindy Kaling. It's a great read and really funny.
I accompanied my book reading with a Venti Water and a
Grande Non-Fat Iced Caramel Macchiato
After about 45 minutes of reading (and no more coffee), I continued my journey of aimlessly walking around Toronto. The weather, in my opinion, was the perfect walking weather! It was sunny with blue skies and a cooling breeze.

I've lived in Toronto my whole life and yet there are many areas I haven't really seen, so this walk around the city was an awesome opportunity to learn more about my city. After 20-ish minutes of walking, I came across a large open space. Cue my second stop.

2nd Stop: Mel Lastman Square

I have heard of Mel Lastman Square, but I would never be able to point it out on a map to save my life. For the longest time, I thought it was in Downtown with all the other squares (i.e. Nathan Phillips Square, Yonge&Dundas Square) This Square couldn't be farther away from Downtown. All these Civic Squares are often used for special events but when they're not, they're great places to sit and relax, which is what I did for about an hour and read. There's a lot of stores, greenery and venues (North York Civic Centre, North York Central Library and the Toronto Centre for the Arts) in this area. So I did, what I would usually do -- Shop!

I walked into Futureshop/Bestbuy in search of a camera. I am planning on buying the Canon Rebel T5i DSLR camera because:

1. I want a camera that can take great pictures for my blog 
but that could also take great videos if I ever decide to start
making YouTube videos.

2. I will be taking Digital Video and Editing classes next
year, so it made sense to get a decent DSLR camera to
learn on

Unfortunately, they had sold out of all the T5i, so I guess that purchase will have to be on another day. The Loblaws grocery store I found inside this mini-mall had the most colourful and vibrant produce section I have seen in any supermarket before. I almost went grocery shopping in there, but I had already bought groceries on Friday. This mini-mall also had a Dollarama, a sunglasses shop, and a Cineplex. I actually contemplated going to watch the Minions movie by myself. Speaking of movies, I'll probably go tonight because it's half-off tickets on Tuesday! 

3rd Stop: Winners
I have found the mother load of shopping stores. I can literally spend hours upon hours finding the most random and cool items. With the weather being super nice, I decided my wardrobe probably needed some more dresses. This decision was made on the fact that it was 27 degrees outside and I was wearing pants and shoes (with socks). 

OOTD: (Work) Outfit of the Day

Taking a selfie with the dresses (and one romper) that
I'm about to model for the blog
 Here are the items I was considering as additions to my closet. Just a heads up, the quality of the pictures are pretty low because the mirror in the change room has a bright, blinding light surrounding it. As a result, some of the pictures look either really dark or really bright.

 My two favourite items I tried on were definitely the striped body-con dress and the floral cover up. I will be definitely be going back to pick up those two dresses. Rompers are usually a miss with me, so I can't say I was too surprised that it looked a little off (the size was also too big). The pink dress was literally mission impossible to put on (it had no zipper) so I knew I would never wear it, though the colour was pretty.

4th stop: Home Time

Four hours later, it was time to call it a day and finally catch the train home. Even though the day didn't go exactly as planned, it was still a pretty good day. Plus I got in some exercise by aimlessly walking around. My guess is that I walked about 10 km just in that area. I'm planning to have more days like these where I pick an area of Toronto that I want to see (mostly areas around Downtown and Midtown) and just site see. I think it's the best way to see your city. 

I love to read comments from readers! They really make my day and I will respond back to you, so I can help make your day great too!


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