I have a fairly extended list of places and cities I would love to eventually visit, one of them being New York City. The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. I have been an avid follower of the national Her Campus blog site. Like when I say avid, I mean I could spend hours just reading articles and eventually will stumble upon the posts of university chapters. So when I heard about their annual Her Conference event happening in (you guessed it) the coincidental NYC, I had to seize the opportunity and attend this conference, while making it a memorable weekend trip. Within days, I had already rounded a group of friends to head over to the big city. We purchased our conference tickets and our round trip (Wi-Fi compatible) Greyhound and headed down to the city of lights.

          Friday, July 24th marked the first day of our weekend long road trip! The girls and I "hopped on a bus to NYC"(á la Miley Cyrus), and began our long, long, LONG drive. Knowing how long of a drive we had in front of us, I decided to go all out with road trip essentials. My road trip essentials included:

//1. Cardigan// //2. Sunglasses// //3. Slip-On Shoes// //4. Water Bottle//
//5. Blanket Scarf// //6. Earphones// //7. Magazines// //8. Clif Bars//
//9. Gum// //10. iPad// //11. iPhone loaded with Music//

          The drive down was not as horrible as I had thought, plus it was college budget-conscience! I tried to sleep for most of the ride since it was an overnight ride (8PM to 6AM) but I could not get into a comfortable position long enough to fall asleep. If any of you haven't done a long haul trip in a coach bus, the seats do not recline back enough and there is really little leg room. 10 hours later, we had finally reached the big city. Luckily, the bus station was only a few blocks away from our hotel because all I wanted to do was lie down, at an 180-degree angle.

          Two hours, a shower, and a Venti Caramel Macchiato later, I was ready to explore the city. First thing on our list was to find a place for Breakfast. We found a cute, little restaurant a couple blocks from our hotel, called The Harold.

While here I had my second cup of coffee, a BLT sandwich with a side of eggs. Exactly what I need to start my day! Over breakfast, we decided that since we only had one day to do our tourist things (with the conference being the next day).

          So we decided to buy a city bus tour. This allowed us to see the majority of the city in a minimal amount of time. On our bus tour, we saw the Empire State Building, the Hudson River, World Trade Centre, the port that the Titanic was coming to, the place that Solange beat up Jay Z, Madison Square Garden, etc. A few hours later, we hopped off at the M&M's World Stop.

          I went a little crazy in this store. There was a huge variety of M&M's offered. There were the classic one's like the original and peanut M&Ms but they also had unique colours and insides. There were pastel coloured peanut M&Ms, Star Wars themed original M&Ms and Crunchy M&Ms! I wanted one of everything. From there we made our way to Central Park aka the best place to take pictures ...and selfies (no shame). I definitely understand all the hype surrounding the park, it is beautiful. If I lived in New York, my summer would be me sitting in Central Park reading a book , while people watching.


Picked Up a Spider-Man Popsicle in Central Park
          We walked through half of Central Park before we decided it was time to go to our next point: The Lilly Pulitzer store on Madison Ave! I think I may have screamed a little when I walked into this pink paradise. The reason we went to this store, other than to ogle at the beautiful dresses and patterns, was to get my agenda for the new school year. Though I was slightly disappointed they had sold out of the print I wanted, the agenda I ended up buying was a beautiful replacement.

My agenda for the 2015/2016 school year is
in the print Tusk in Sun. The Elephants
are a reflective-like gold paint.

          At this point, it was time to have some dinner, so we hailed a taxi and made our way back to Midtown. We decided on a restaurant called "Rosie O'Grady's" for dinner. The hostess was super nice to us, and was able to seat us without a reservation (we didn't think that far ahead, our mistake). The restaurant atmosphere was welcoming and cozy (family atmosphere), and our waiter was the best, he was always around if we had any questions.

                             Me trying to hail a taxi in the Upper East Side
                I look very tourist-y!
For dinner, I had Chicken Milanese with
Potatoes, Broccoli and Grated Carrots

          With a full stomach and the sun going down, we determined that it was time to head back to the hotel for some much needed relaxing. We had been up since 6 am. Once back at the hotel, we got ready for bed and watched re-runs of Criminal Minds on the TV. Even though we only had one day of seeing NYC, I feel as though I had done a few days worth of sight-seeing. 

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