I'll be honest, recruitment week can be very stressful. On many campuses, sororities are a huge thing, and if you're anything like me, You. Have. Always. Wanted. To. Be. In. A. Sorority! I remember my recruitment week. This one memory sticks out the most because my sorority fate was based on the decision I made in this scenario. I'm all dressed up, ready to go and yet there I was, sitting on the couch in my apartment, contemplating not going through recruitment because none (literally No-One) of my friends would come with me to the events and I was slightly afraid to go myself. This feeling on top of the feeling of impressing literally a bunch of strangers, picking outfits and now reminding myself why I wanted to go can be very stressful. I get it, because I was (unnecessarily) a nervous wreck going into recruitment. But, after going through recruitment as both a potential new member and now as a collegiate member of Alpha Omicron Pi at the University of Waterloo(this fall will be my third formal recruitment), I have come up with the list of tips, that I wish I had, to ensure that you have as stress free of a recruitment week as possible.  

Tips on Sorority Recruitment

1. Remember that in order to be eligible for a 
bid (an offer from a sorority for you to join
from any Panhellenic sorority, you must attend a 
set amount of event(s) from each chapter. 
(At my school you have to attend one of each sorority's events)

2.  Try to have an open-mind when going through recruitment. 
You might have a preconceived idea of which sorority you 
want to to join, but give other sorority's a chance. 
You might find that a different sorority is actually a better fit.

3. You have recruitment counselors at your disposal 
during this week. So use them! They are members of the 
campus' Panhellenic chapters who have disassociated from their own
 sorority in order to help you find yours. 

4. Trust the system! That is the system that places 
you in a sorority. Almost like the sorting hat in Harry Potter.
Chances are that the sorority bid you're offered 
is where you probably belong.

5. Be your best self. Don't try to be someone or something you're not 
just because you think that's what that sorority wants.
A sorority chapter is essentially your home away from home -
you want to be able to feel comfortably at home.

6. Make your own decisions! There are costs associated with joining a
sorority, so when picking your sorority, go with the 
one that is the best choice for you (don't follow your friends). 
Being in a different sorority than your friends doesn't mean 
you can no longer be friends, it just shows that different people
are obviously interested in different things. I suggest writting
everything (your feelings, experiences, girls you met, etc) in a 
journal after every event. This way when it comes to sorority
ranking, you can refer back to your journal to make
the choosing process a little easier.

7. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Again, you will be paying into this
sorority, so make sure any questions or possible hesitations are answered. 
You will eventually be standing for the same standards that the 
sorority stands for.

8. Don't plan anything big the weekend after recruitment 

A. If you're invited back to Preference Night,
you'll want to attend it.

B. Bid Day, the day you find out which sorority 
you've been invited into, is on Saturday.
There's usually a planned activity after this.

C. My sorority has a huge party welcoming in
our new members on the Sunday, which
is filled with lots of picture taking, food, cheers 
and overall happiness!

9.  Do a little research about the sorority. Knowing
information about the sorority (the specific chapter and
their international part) is always a plus, 
and can be seen as dedication and enthusiasm

10. Don't be nervous, at the end of the day, the girls
in the sororities are your peers that are trying to impress
you just as much as you are them. Take a deep breath
and walk into each event spewing utter confidence.

Those are my biggest tips for going through sorority recruitment. If you want to hear more about recruitment or have questions about the process, go ahead and comment down below and I will definitely reply back. If I get many questions, I might just answer them all in a second sorority post!  At the University of Waterloo, we have Greek booths set-up the entire second week of classes in Vendor's Alley and at Club's Day. It's hard to miss us because we'll be all wearing the biggest letters one could fit on a shirt. In my last post, How To Rush a Canadian Sorority, I went into greater detail on how to go through a Canadian recruitment. Think of it as the 'Everything You Need to Know About Recruitment' Guide. 

I love to read comments from readers! They really make my day and I will respond back to you, so I can help make your day great too!


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