Don't worry, I'm not leaving social media for good, at least not in the immediate future, but I do want to try something new. 

In one of the classes  I'm taking this semester, Interpersonal Communication, we have an ongoing course dialogue online where we discuss the effects that social media has on our lives, and how it's affecting communication. Specifically in us Generation Y-ers, aka the Millennials

Realistically, we, myself included, are often too absorbed to what we're viewing on these 4"-screens that we sometimes forget to, I don't know... stop and smell the roses?

I'm not saying that social media is a horrible invention that needs to be put to bed. Far from that. What I am saying is that sometimes, we need to put away our phones, even if it's for a few hours and just be with yourself or with the people around you. You'll also probably be surprised to see that you have all this extra time to do things you never "have the time to do." Like reading a book, or exercising, studying, calling your parents, talk to real-life people. The list is endless!

When was the last time, other than when you're about to go to bed and when you're studying, where you had time to think about something...anything? What you did that day? Conversations you had? Things you saw? Life itself?

I came across an article on Buzzfeed called, A Teen Instagram Star is Quitting Social Media and Revealing the Truth Behind Her "Perfect Photos". The article is about 18-year-old Essena O'Neill of Australia, and how she believes that social media and the business of social media and advertising can be detrimental to those too absorbed in it, or how Essena puts it "addicted to it." I highly encourage everyone to read the article and watch the ex-YouTuber's last video post, where she further discusses what it really took to get all those so-called perfect Instagram photos. 

Essena has started a campaign. It's called Let's Be Game Changers. She's not only hoping to change people's minds on the effects of social media but on many topics including:

|| Environmental Awareness ||
|| Animal Rights & Veganism || 
|| Food & Nutrition ||
|| Gender Equality ||
|| Technology Addiction ||

This campaign challenges people to go without social media for a week. I've decided take on this challenge, but in baby steps. Though it would be ideal to go cold-turkey and just do a full week, but I know myself and I'll probably be going through some seriously nasty withdrawal symptoms by the six-hour mark. I am literally always on it. My goal is to eventually make it to a week but, for me at least, the most important thing is being aware of just how much you take in from social and how much time you dedicate. Moderation is key. Don't let your self-worth come from the number of likes, or followers or retweets. They're just numbers, don't let them overpower you. I've automated this post, my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to all be released on Tuesday. This way I have zero reasons to re-download and open the app. This just might be my most productive day ever.

On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015, I will unplug from social media.

Get informed. Take the Challenge. Start the Conversation.

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