I've finally finished my exam period, well as of last Thursday, and I'm super excited to be getting a long Christmas Break. I'm really grateful to be having almost a month off of school, mostly because it's a rare occasion for me at the University of Waterloo, which will probably not happen again.

Taking advantage of this long break, I've decided to take a trip to Orlando, FL to visit DisneyWorld with my roommate Emily! I have never been there before, so I'm pretty stoked to see what all the hype is all about. By the time you're reading this, I would have already been in Orlando for a couple days.

Now for packing, I am really being limited to carry-on sized items because:

A) I really don't want to pay for a checked baggage
B) We'll be driving back with my other roommate, Caitlyn, who has
 been at DisneyWorld on exchange for the past 6 months and has a
 shit-ton of stuff to bring back 

To be honest, I am super surprised that I was able to fit everything I need in just two carry on bags, but I somehow made it happen. So to remind myself for next time that it is possible to travel without overpacking and to teach all you lovelies how it can be done, I've made this post!

Packing for Disney World - Le Northern Belle

These are all the bags I'll be bringing with me (seriously)
This is how I did it

Packing for Disney World - Le Northern Belle
Literally everything I brought with me!

|| Make an Itinerary of some sort ||

My mentality is that if you don't know where or what you'll be doing, (not necessarily every single minute, but at least what you'll be planning to do each day) one of two things will happen:

You'll spend a lot more money than intended
You'll end up wasting precious hours lounging around trying to figure out what to do

Emily and Caitlyn can attests to this. I literally kept pestering them to come up with some kind of itinerary for the week. For some most things in life, I'm not one to just casually go with the flow of things. I like planning, it's kind of in my blood.

Plus making an itinerary of some sort helps immensely with my next tip!

Packing for Disney World - Le Northern Belle
Waiting for our plane to start boarding

|| Plan your outfits ||

I don't know how to stress this enough. If you know roughly what you'll be doing each day, you can preplan the outfits you'll most likely wear. For me, since I'll be there for roughly 5 days, I planned 5 day outfits, 3 evening outfits and 2 sets of pajamas. 

I like having a variety to choose from, so what I did was revolve all my outfits around:

 four types of bottoms (skinny blue jeans, pink skater skirt, black leggings, denim shorts and a black maxi skirt) 
two types of shoes (black Sperry's and brown gladiator sandals)

The other items I also packed (in the clothing department) are:
2 dresses (one maxi, one skater)
2 sweaters (for the cooler evenings)
2 Basic White Tees
1 Basic Black Tee
1 Black Crop Top
1 White Lace Crop Top
A baseball hat
A Wide Brim Hat

Besides undergarments and some toiletries, that's pretty much the entirety of my packing. The way I am planning to make it work is through my accessories. I'm bringing a few bracelets and statement necklace to kind of jazz up these outfits. Just because you're on vacation, doesn't mean you have to be a plain jane. With the stuff I've packed, I have enough items to mix and match piece to make an outfit I'll feel confident wearing. I also only packed outfits that I know I look good in. 

Packing for Disney World - Le Northern Belle
The Classic Travel Shot: Passport, Boarding Pass and Starbucks

|| Keep Toiletries to a minimum ||

I'll be flying from Canada, and since I will not be checking any bags, everything I have (at least liquid related) needs to fit in the TSA's 3-1-1 rule. The things I reminded myself when packing things in the world's smallest-bag-for-anything-useful is:

1. Will you need this item within 24 hours of arriving?
2. Can a smaller quantity be purchased?
3. Can you live without this item while on vacation?
4. Can this item be purchased wherever you're going to?
5. Is the item pretty much empty?
6. Can a non-liquid alternative be used or found?

Basically if you answered "No" to the first three, leave it at home, or better yet, buy it once you get to your destination. This isn't post-apocalyptic era, more likely than not, you'll be able to find whatever the item is.  Only put items in that bag that are too expensive to repurchase or that you'll be needing soon after arriving. If the item can't be purchased where you're going, try and only bring the amount you need. You can purchase clear containers, that you can label with a sharpie at pretty much any Dollarama or Dollar Store. This is also holds true for an items that is pretty much empty. Scrape whatever is left and put it in a smaller container. There more non-liquid items you have, the better, so always try and opt for those items when packing, i.e. powder foundation instead of liquid. Make sure you check out TSA's website if you have any hesitations about an item in your carry on. Like I found out I could bring my hair curler with me!

|| Essential Items...that are often forgotten ||

These items are the kind of things you definitely don't want to forget when packing because 
repurchasing items you already have but just happened to forget to bring are brutal

1. Sunglasses

2. Waterbottle 
(if your flying, make sure its empty 
before security, but you can fill it up right after security)

3.  Hat

4. Chargers, especially for your phone

5. Earphones

6. Socks 
(you never know when you'll be needing a 
pair socks, bring a pair or two just in case)

7. Toothbrush

8. Watch
 ( for those times your phone dies, or is too
 far in your bag, and you want to know what time it is)

Those are all my tips so far, and I hope you all have a wonderful week! I'm hoping to take outfit of the day (OOTD) pictures/video while I'm there, so I can show you how I ended up wearing my outfits!

Packing for Disney World - Le Northern Belle
This is my roommate Emily!

Bon Voyage!

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