It's officially December 1st and so begins the official countdown to Christmas! My housemates and I finally have a Christmas tree this year to put up and decorate. It happened to be on the day that Waterloo received its first snow fall that actually stuck to the ground. Everywhere you looked, there was a perfect blanket of snow covering the ground. 

My Christmas Wishlist | Le Northern Belle

My Christmas Wishlist | Le Northern Belle
It hasn't snowed since, and I am definitely not sad about that!

It was like a perfect night (the snow lasted for a couple days and then melted away). We had Elf on the TV and Christmas music playing as we decorated our Christmas. All this holiday spirit had me thinking of what I would like for Christmas this year.

My Christmas Wishlist | Le Northern Belle

My Christmas Wishlist | Le Northern Belle
We don't have much decorations yet, but that will definitely change soon

My Christmas Wishlist | Le Northern Belle
With the room lights off
I am a big fan of the holidays, and if it were socially acceptable, I would have started my "Christmas Campaign" the day after Halloween. But since it is not, I feel that December 1st is a perfectly reasonable time to start shoving Christmas basically down everyone's throat. With all my family members all over Canada and constantly busy, Christmas break will be the first time, in four months that we are all together in one place. So long story short, I am SUPER excited to go home!

This semester has been slightly stressful, so I haven't had much time, until today, to sit down and think about what I want for Christmas this year (and yes, I know that Christmas is not all about gifts and presents). 

With all that said, if money was not a largely contributing factor, this is what I would like for Christmas 2015. 

|| My Christmas Wishlist ||

1. A Gold Monogram Necklace

2. The J Crew Herringbone Vest

3. Handbags

Tory Burch Robinson Square Pebbled Tote
Kate Spade Cedar Street Jensen 

 4. J Crew Lady Day Coat

J Crew Lady Day Coat in White, Cream, Lilac or Navy

5. Candles 

6.  Starbucks Mugs

7. Miss Dior Perfume, 3.4 oz

8. Fuzzy Socks

Cause who doesn't like socks

9. Nail Polish 

OPI, Essie, Sally Hansen, I'm a fan of all of them in ANY COLOUR!

...and last but not least

10. Black Hunter Boots

That's the official list, thus far, though I'm certain the list will get bigger. Again this is the ideal list, I'll most likely not get all of it.

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