If you haven't learned by now, I'm a goal freak enthusiast! I love making goals to work towards during the semester. I try tom make them as related and specific to my life goals, courses, and extracurriculars throughout the term. Whenever I make goals, I always write them down and stick it in random places to remind myself about them (i.e. my agenda, my desk, my nightstand, etc.

Now one thing I thought that didn't really work for me from my Fall Semester goals was that there were way too many of them over the many categories I had put them in. It made them all slightly overwhelming and intimidating. 

Le Northern Belle - Winter 2016 Semester Goals

This term, I am trying to make them significantly more condensed. Fewer goals = more attainable! Just because there are only a few listed, that doesn't mean that you can achieve more. This list is just for those times when you feel unmotivated or confused as to what you should be doing. I challenge you all to make your own semester goals this term!

Le Northern Belle - Winter 2016 Semester Goals

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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