With the new year finally upon us, so begins my new position within Alpha Omicron Pi! Over my two and a bit years being in my chapter, I have held a handful of different positions such as:

AOII Greek Council Delegate
AOII Day Chair
Vice President of Education (aka Calendar Maker)
Vice President of Chapter Development (sisterhood planning and internal relations)
Party Chair  (3 times, planning one of the formal recruitment days)
Greek Council Public Relations Chair (2 times)
Founder's Day Co-Chair 
Currently: Vice President of Communications

In holding so many positions, I feel that it's safe to say that I have a lot of experience and the knowledgeable skills required to succeed in those positions. One of the major benefits that most sororities advertise is definitely the leadership opportunities. Taking on leadership positions within your sorority (or club, or any organization you're a part of) is a key way to learn about your potential as a leader. You learn a lot from how to work with others to time management to organization. Though to be completely honest, taking on a sorority leadership is not all sunshine and daisies. There are definitely times when you feel like everyone is against you, or that no one cares, or you have zero motivation to do anything! Trust me, even after holding eight positions, these concerns, and others alike, still come up! 

The only way to either minimize their prevalence or reduce their effect on you is to, in my opinion, is to alter yourself. Hear me out! As morbid as this may sound, for the rest of your life, you will have people who have contrasting opinions or ideas than you. Sometimes they'll even vocalize these opinions in a way that is not exactly the nicest or constructive. For those days, I have come up with advice and tips to deal with those situations. 
Taking on a Sorority Leadership Positions | Le Northern Belle

Tips and Tricks for Making it Through Your Leadership Term

Tip # 1Know what the position is actually about

Your experience taking on a position is all dependent on your attitude and approach to the position. With that being said, when applying for a position make sure you know everything that is required of that position. For example this year, I am the Vice-President of Communications. This position, in the past, has been perceived as just a social media upkeep job, which is completely untrue. Had I not looked up what this position actually entailed (i.e. media releases, creating posters and merchandise, presentations, etc.), it could be really overwhelming when you are eventually made aware of it. I know AOII, and would like to safely assume that all sororities, have a manual that identifies the roles and responsibilities of each position. Read It! Another bonus is that by knowing everything you can possibly know about your position, you can accurately inform people

Tip # 2Set aside time for your position

Whether it's an hour a day or three hours on Saturday, make sure to set a specific day and time for your position. I know some sorority officers like to have office hours, where they work solely on position and sorority related items and are available to meet with to discuss those issues. Depending on your individual chapter, your position and/or your personal view, this may or may not be necessary to have. I know for me personally, I don't like setting up "office hours" because I change my set times from week to week, depending on what needs to get done and other non-sorority related things I have that week. I also always have my phone on me, so if I need to be reached for any reason, I am available. However way you decide to set your time, just make sure you are productive during this time. It's the little things that count, so by doing a little every day or so, you'll be working towards the bigger picture in a more stress-relieving way. By taking small steps, you can also report back to the chapter your status on your project(s). They'll appreciate you working on it and the update on the timeline! 

Taking on a Sorority Leadership Positions | Le Northern Belle

Tip # 3Stay organized

Any information that you need in order to do your job in one central location. Whether it's a notebook a folder on your computer or a binder, make sure it has everything. Things to have down are: 

Advisor contact
Committee member contacts
Any other contact
Budget Tracking
Email and Account Log ins and Passwords
Important Documents or Manuals
Ideas and Plans

What time you've set aside to focus on the position (which can also be put down in your agenda or phone calendar)
Keeping everything in one place helps you to find whatever it is you are looking for and when its time to give up your position, it'll be easy to hand over a folder that has everything you did over you office term.

Tip # 4Keep in Contact with your Advisors

 If you have a sorority position, chances are you will have an advisor. Advisors are alumnae members who may have held your position when they were collegian. Keep in contact with them. They often have very good insight on what you should or can do with your position. Updating them about once a week on what you're doing and tasks/projects/events you have accomplished or are accomplishing. However, be cautious of the micromanaging advisor. If they start pushing you to do events or tasks that are not in your position description or an event that you think the chapter might not like, feel free to voice that opinion. At the end of the day, your advisor is there to guide you and not to take the reins of your position. You were the one elected into the position because your chapter thought you were the best fit. However do not confuse advising with position takeover because like I said before, they often have great insight. Find that line for you and your advisor!

Taking on a Sorority Leadership Positions | Le Northern Belle 
Taking on a Sorority Leadership Positions | Le Northern Belle

Tip # 5Use your committee, if you have one

 Now some positions do have committees associated with it. For me, I've had four positions in the past. Sometimes they were great, and other times, I just went along as if I didn't ever have a committee. Long story short, it's hard chairing a committee. There are lots of techniques and methods to effectively have a committee. When used properly, committees can alleviate a lot of the stress your position may have, especially when your position revolves around making chapter events. An article that I wish I had found when I had a position with a committee is called "7 ways to motivate your sorority committee" from Sorority Sugar. It has some great tips and advice that I feel would be greatly beneficial!

Original Image from Hollie from Home Philosophy

Tip # 6Make S.M.A.R.T. Goals

The time right after you are voted in are is the time when you have the best ideas and goals for your position. The best thing you can do is take some time and write down all the goals and ideas and things bouncing around your head. Get them all down and keep it in a safe place! After the excitement of being elected settles down, take those ideas you wrote down and make them into S.M.A.R.T. goals. I came across another article that best defines what a smart goal is better than I can, and I have linked it here.

Take these tips and advice and go take on your position to the best of your ability! If there are tips that you think should have been included in this post, go ahead and take to the comment section! Get the convo started! I love reading comments and learning from them!

I love to read comments from readers! They really make my day and I will respond back to you, so I can help make your day great too!


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