Over the Christmas season, my sister, Evelyn, worked at DavidsTea, which is a Canadian tea store, almost like Teavana. I was never a frequent drinker of tea, but for the longest time I've been trying to cut back on the amount of coffee I've been drinking. When she started to work at DavidsTea, I took it as the perfect opportunity to replace my morning cup of joe with a cup of tea (Evelyn literally came home with bags of tea that she bought almost ever week). 

When I went home for the reading week break, we decided to go to DavidsTea to restock on our already full house of tea, especially since they had released new teas for February. 

Me To We Tea - Le Northern Belle
For every 50g of the Me to We tea that is purchased gives a child in Kenya a one month supply of clean water

Me To We Tea - Le Northern Belle

DavidsTea has a rewards program and after $100 in purchases within a year, you get a free 50g bag of tea, so I ordered a few teas online to have with me in Waterloo. The tea I got for free, which apparently is also there most expensive tea, was the Ceremonial Matcha tea. For some reason, Evelyn and I are obsessed with Matcha Teas and she suggested I try the Ceremonial Matcha. 

DavidsTea - Le Northern Belle
The teas that I ordered are: Ceremonial Matcha and Mango Turmeric. I also got three samples of Buchu Superfruit, Main Squeeze, and Buddha's Blend.

DavidsTea - Le Northern Belle
I find it kind of funny that this is a post about tea, yet I have a cup that says "coffee." What a coincidence?

Once I've tried out all the teas, I'll definitely do a review on what I thought of them! Stay tuned!

I have been searching for a lipstick and lip liner combo that I could wear every day on my lips to finish off my makeup. I usually just wear lip balm or lightly tap on a red lipstick just to give my lips some colour. Last week, a friend of mine and I drove to Fairview Park Mall in Kitchener to do a little shopping. I decided to head over to MAC with the hopes of possibly finding something.

Mac Mini Haul - Lip Combo - Le Northern Belle

I had the idea of the kind of colour I wanted, a natural looking brownish-pink lipstick that I can wear every day. I was helped by a MAC Artist named Robin, who was amazing because me and my indecisive self, tried on at least 10 different lipsticks and she still was happy to offer me as many as I needed until I found the right shade. 

Mac Mini Haul - Lip Combo - Le Northern Belle

Mac Mini Haul - Lip Combo - Le Northern Belle

Luckily, I landed on a Satin textured lipstick called Verve, which according to the MAC website is a "muted brownish-plum colour." As I swiped on the sample, I just knew that this was exactly what I was looking for. I was super excited to finally have an everyday lipstick! I wanted to get a lip liner as well, and Robin suggested I try a brown lipliner called Chestnut. It is really similar to my skin tone and can help me easily blend in this lipstick and some of my other nude lipsticks, like Touch.

As if I needed any more reason's to take a selfie! There are some pretty crazy faces but I thought they were pretty funny, and sooo me!

Le Northern Belle | Mac Lipstick Haul

Le Northern Belle | Mac Lipstick Haul

Le Northern Belle | Mac Lipstick Haul

Le Northern Belle | Mac Lipstick Haul

Le Northern Belle | Mac Lipstick Haul

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and with that comes finding outfit inspiration and figuring out what to wear, at least for me it does. After hours of scouring the internet for that perfect cream-coloured crop top and the perfect high waisted black jeggings, I have finally created 5 different outfits for 5 different Valentine's Day plans (and not just the couple-y VDay plans).

A Couple's Date Night

Valentine's Day Date Night Outfit - Le Northern Belle

|| 1. J Crew Lady Day Coat in Bright Cerise || 2. Talula Belgravia Dress || 3. Pearl Studs ||
|| 4. Kate Spade Julia Street Camplin in Cherry Liqueur || 5. Aldo Shoes Kairedda ||
|| 6. CharmingCharlie "Be Mine Heart" Necklace ||

Girls Night Out

Valentine's Day Girls Night Out Outfit - Le Northern Belle

 || 1. H&M Biker Jacket || 2. Tilly's Crochet Lace Crop Tee || 3. Topshop Moto Black Joni Jeans ||
|| 4. Christian Siriano Pronto Stretch Back Boot || 5. Aritzia Rectangle Scarf ||
|| 6. Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise in Dynasty Red ||

Ice Skating with Friends

Valentine's Day Ice Skating Outfit - Le Northern Belle

 || 1. H&M Textured Weave Jacket || 2. J Crew Collection Cashmere Mini Cable Sweater in Snow 
|| 3. Charming Charlie Gardena Necklace in Red || 4. Red Skater Skirt || 5. Aldo Vitulazio Boot ||
|| 6. Skinny Waist Belt || 7. Kate Spade Emerson Place Small Maise in Mousse Frosting ||

Stroll Around Town

Valentine's Day Stroll Around Town Outfit - Le Northern Belle

 || 1. J Crew Perfect Cable Sweater in Wild Fire || 2. Frame Le Colour Rip Blanc Jeans || 
|| 3. Charming Charlie Ella Bib Necklace in Black || 4. Aldo Cydnee Boot ||
|| 5. Kate Spade Cedar Street Hayden in Black ||

Girls Night In

Valentine's Day Girls Night In Outfit - Le Northern Belle

 || 1. Victoria's Secret The Afterhours Satin Pajama in Pink/White Stripe || 2. Lush Cosmetic Warrior ||
|| 3. Bath and Body Works Shea Infused Socks || 4. Chocolate Covered Strawberries ||
|| 5. Valentine's Day The Movie ||

Whatever it is you decide to do on Valentine's Day this Sunday, I hope it's great!

If there ever was a day where I was forced to significantly reduce my makeup collection and only have 5 products (not including brushes) for the rest of my life, these would definitely be it -- as of right now at least. 

Le Northern Belle | Top 5 Make Up Items

You can definitely tell that these are my top 5 products because they are A, almost hitting the bottom of the pan, B, they are taped up because the hinge has broken, and, C, they're super dirty!

1. Mascara | Benefit Roller Lash

LeNorthernBelle | Top 5 Makeup Items for Every College Girl
Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara

This is one of Benefit's newest mascara! It's supposed to make eyelash curlers an unnecessary step by curling and lengthening your eyelashes at the same time. This mascara definitely gives me a lot of extra length to my fairly short eyelashes. The reason I originally bought this was because I needed a mascara that would give me similar drama as my eyelash extensions, without having to shell out $35 every few weeks for refills. 

2. Foundation | Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+

LeNorthernBelle | Top 5 Makeup Items for Every College Girl

Since I have very oily skin, I'm always on the search for a good foundation that doesn't slide off my face but also keeps me from looking super shiny. I can't say that I've tried every foundation known to Sephora but I have tried my fair share and this definitely is a good one. It's a full coverage foundation that doesn't feel heavy on the face, but I could easily make it a more sheer coverage by mixing it with a moisturizer. The saying "A little goes a long way" has never been truer!

3. Eye Brow Gel | Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade 

LeNorthernBelle | Top 5 Makeup Items for Every College Girl
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Ebony
If you want your eyebrow game to be on point, this is a great product to try out. It's a gel/cream based product that really stays in place. It's smudge-proof and waterproof, so once it's on, it's not going anywhere! It's definitely a product that you want to slowly build up on your eyebrows because you can easily get the "sharpie" eyebrow look if you go in with a heavily loaded brush. 

4. Concealer | MAC Studio Finish

LeNorthernBelle | Top 5 Makeup Items for Every College Girl
MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix SPF 35 Concealer in NW45

It's been super sad recently whenever I use this product because it's almost hitting the pan -- which means I'll soon have to replace this concealer. This is definitely a makeup bag staple for me, especially on days when I don't want to wear foundation. It's a cream format, as opposed to liquid, so I find it stays on longer and better on my oily skin.

5. Blush | ModelCO Blush Cheek Powder

LeNorthernBelle | Top 5 Makeup Items for Every College Girl
ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder in the colour Peach Bellini
As you can tell, yes, this blush is being held together by tape. There was an accident where it took a bad drop from my bathroom counter (a piece also chipped off -- a sad waste of good product). This blush (that came in an Ipsy  bag) is a peachy gold colour that surprisingly doesn't have any glitter in it, but is very luminescent which is perfect for me. It really brings in some colour to my face, especially when I am not wearing any eyeshadow. 

However, if I was allowed to have just two more items, they would be my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and my Stila Stay All-Day Waterproof Liner. These two products are definitely up there on my favourite list! I could live without them but it would be an awesome bonus to have these two products in my collection.

LeNorthernBelle - Naked 2 Palette
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

LeNorthernBelle - Naked 2 Palette

LeNorthernBelle - Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Like I said, I have oily skin, which also translates into oily eyelids! To date, this is the only eyeliner I have ever owned that stays on my eyes all day without smudging or fading!

I'm a kinesiology student and a common stereotype that my program often has is that all of us KIN-ners are gym rats who chug protein shakes during anatomy lectures and have faculty meetings at the squat rack. This couldn't be farther from the truth -- at least for me

Growing up, I was involved in many physical activities: sports, dance, randomly running around in circles, long story short, I loved being active!

Fast forward to my today life, it’s as if exercising and workout plans are being shoved down everyone’s throats. Now I definitely understand and strongly encourage being consistently active, especially at a young age because there are numerous health benefits, both short and long term. However, university students seem to take exercise to a whole other level and seem to put the pressure on each other to go to the gym. If only I could count the amount of times that someone has randomly asked me to go to the gym with them on a random day.

Now if you like the gym and sincerely enjoy doing workout plans and all that jazz, then go for it! I am not hating on the gym by any means, but many people see it as the only way to be healthy and fit. I personally feel like the gym is more of a chore, and honestly if I didn't have my friend Christine to drag me to the gym after class, (BTW to show how much I don't actually like the gym -- the class I have with Christine is in the same building as the gym -- that same class also requires gym attire -- you do the math) I probably would never go this term. 

Like I said, I still like being active, I actually I get pretty antsy and annoying if I haven't done anything remotely active for a while, but there are definitely alternative things I, and you, can do to stay active and healthy while completely avoiding the gym. 


It’s exercise and you don’t even know it! I find it a lot more motivating to exercise when there is a physical goal associated with it like scoring a goal or kicking a ball. I work myself a lot harder because of the competitive aspect for a common goal — to win a point or a game.

At Home Workouts

I like at home workouts, because first off I’m in the comforts of my own home (so I don't have to go far), no one can see me (and possibly judge me) while I struggle to do planks and lastly, I can quickly hop into the shower when I am done. Triple Score!

Morning Runs

Before you decide to not sign up for cardio, trust me I was like that too, Morning Runs are actually a great way to get in exercise before all the hustle and bustle of your day. I’m not the biggest fan of cardio especially when it’s coupled with aimless running. However, this past summer, my sister Evelyn showed me this cool app that paired my dislike for running with something I live for, competition. The app, called C25K (which I’m pretty sure stands for “Couch to 5K) is a way to go from a completely sedentary life to a runner. The program has running/jogging and walking intervals over the course of half an hour. The program increases in intensity (longer running periods) over the weeks and pretty much trains you to run a 5K. There’s also verbal cues to let you know when to start running/jog or walking, so you can listen to your own music at the same time. You can also track the route you took on your run!

*just a heads up, this is not a sponsored post, I just really like the app*


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