Over the Christmas season, my sister, Evelyn, worked at DavidsTea, which is a Canadian tea store, almost like Teavana. I was never a frequent drinker of tea, but for the longest time I've been trying to cut back on the amount of coffee I've been drinking. When she started to work at DavidsTea, I took it as the perfect opportunity to replace my morning cup of joe with a cup of tea (Evelyn literally came home with bags of tea that she bought almost ever week). 

When I went home for the reading week break, we decided to go to DavidsTea to restock on our already full house of tea, especially since they had released new teas for February. 

Me To We Tea - Le Northern Belle
For every 50g of the Me to We tea that is purchased gives a child in Kenya a one month supply of clean water

Me To We Tea - Le Northern Belle

DavidsTea has a rewards program and after $100 in purchases within a year, you get a free 50g bag of tea, so I ordered a few teas online to have with me in Waterloo. The tea I got for free, which apparently is also there most expensive tea, was the Ceremonial Matcha tea. For some reason, Evelyn and I are obsessed with Matcha Teas and she suggested I try the Ceremonial Matcha. 

DavidsTea - Le Northern Belle
The teas that I ordered are: Ceremonial Matcha and Mango Turmeric. I also got three samples of Buchu Superfruit, Main Squeeze, and Buddha's Blend.

DavidsTea - Le Northern Belle
I find it kind of funny that this is a post about tea, yet I have a cup that says "coffee." What a coincidence?

Once I've tried out all the teas, I'll definitely do a review on what I thought of them! Stay tuned!


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