In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, often times I find that I am too focused on other things (i.e. school work, socializing, blogging) that I tend to forget to leave time for myself to just relax. Especially with finals just around the corner, having personal time is just as important as studying. Knowing when to take a break from life’s responsibilities and just focus on yourself is important for your mental health and will help boost your productivity. 

I try to have some down time every day, if possible. There obviously will be days when you “can’t afford to take a break” because you watched one too many episodes of your favourite TV show and now have to crank out a 10-page paper in like 2 hours. Those days are the exception to this rule. However on the days that I’m able to time manage properly, and not procrastinate my assignments for How to Get Away with Murder, I try to schedule about 30 minutes to an hour as official downtime. I stop everything I’m currently doing and just focus on myself. In order to really relax, you need to find tasks that allow your mind to wander, preferably onto a topic that is unrelated to the work you’re stepping away from. I find that afterwards, I have distressed enough in order to get back to my work with 100% focus and effort.

For me, I have a list of things I like to do for downtime, and usually, just pick a random one each time. However, for a Me Day, I like to come up with almost a whole different type of schedule for the day, that incorporates a multitude of different items on my list. Planning and scheduling my Me Day is fun for me, so I make sure to fill the day with fun tasks and activities to do. 

I’m planning to have my next Me Day, either this Thursday or Friday because I will be done my fourth year as of this Wednesday! 

Having a Me Day | Le Northern Belle

9:30 AM

Wake Up and Roll Around in Bed for like half an hour

For some of you, 9:30AM may be really early, but I usually wake up at 7:00AM, so 9:30AM for me is sleeping in

10:00 AM

Roll out of bed and Get Ready for the Day

I brush my teeth, take shower, and then put on lounging clothing

10:30 AM

Make Breakfast and Coffee

Now on days like these, I love to make a more complicated breakfast than just cereal. This is the perfect time to try out some of those breakfast recipes that you've found on Pinterest! Last time,  I made these Hidden Berry French Toast that are truly amazing. I learned how to make these after watching Caitlin Bea’s YouTube video on what she eats in a day. If you want the cooking instructions, I’ll leave the link to the video here.

Le Northern Belle | Having a Me Day

Le Northern Belle | Having a Me Day

11:00 AM

Eat Breakfast and Watch Some Videos

I love watching TV when I’m eating but since I live in student housing, and don’t really want to pay for cable, I substitute TV with YouTube or Netflix. I’ll just catch up on some of the new videos that my favourite YouTubers have posted, or I’ll pick a random topic and watch a bunch of videos on it. As of right now I love watching YouTube videos on the subject of Studying Abroad/Student Exchanges. I literally watch everything from vlogs to packing to advice videos.

12:00 PM

It’s Time to get Moving

By 12, I’m probably beginning to get bored with being at home, so I try to get out of the house to get some fresh air and a little bit of activity in my day. If the weather is decent, aka above zero degrees celsius and not super windy, I like to go for a walk. It’s usually for Starbucks or Tim Hortons but sometimes I’ll just walk around the area or find a random trail to explore

Le Northern Belle | Having a Me Day
With the right pair of boots, slush isn't too bad to walk in

1:00 PM

Have a Snack

Can you tell that I love food?  I like having snacks that are either quick grabs or require little assembly (i.e. Fruit, Clif Bars, Peanut Butter and Toast, Trail Mix, Cheese and Crackers) After the snack or during the snack, I’ll watch a TedTalk or three (also a new obsession of mine) or find a new podcast to listen to. Once I finish my snack, I’ll probably paint my nails or clean my room.

2:00 PM

It's Chill Time

Pretty much from 2:00 PM on, most of my roommates would be coming home from their classes, and realistically, the rest of my day will probably be filled with talking to roommates, watching movies/catching up on shows and, making/eating food! Time goes by really quick when you’re having fun. I don’t have me days often. If I did, I would feel too unproductive, but when I do, I like to do the most minimal amount of work! Happy Lazy Day!

Le Northern Belle | Having a Me Day


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