I've been trying to find different places to study. Most times during the school year, I study in bed (which isn't the greatest because after an hour I'm ready for a nap) or in the student centre (also not great, because you're bound to run into people who you'd much rather have a convo with than study) or in a coffee shop (aka Starbucks, which can get expensive). 

On the weekends, however, the last thing I want to do is leave my house and trek to campus but I know that staying in my room will most likely lead to a whole day of napping. This past Saturday, I tried out a different way of studying and to my surprise, I was actually a lot more productive than I thought I would be. First off, I woke up 8AM...

Le Northern Belle | How to Actually Study at Home

To Do List

Making a To-Do List is crucial in staying productive when studying. I find that when I don't have a specific list of tasks and assignments that I need to get done for the day, I'm much more overwhelmed (especially since I have a tendency to forget things). Making a to-do list helps me keep on track of everything that needs to get done and since it's a physical list, I can refer back to it and cross items off as the day goes on.  I usually make my To Do lists as soon as I wake up because that is usually when I have the most ideas and information running through my head. If I need to, I'll add on to the list throughout the day.

Le Northern Belle | How to Actually Study at Home

Have Breakfast

The most important meal of the day, right? I enjoy having breakfast but between 8:30 am classes and trying to get the most amount of sleep as possible, I rarely have time to make a great breakfast. However, on weekends, I don't have to be anywhere to be so early in the morning. For breakfast today, I tried to make a smoothie bowl, which ended up tasting amazing! If you want me to show how to make this bowl, leave a comment down below!

Le Northern Belle | How to Actually Study at Home

Get Ready

This may sound a little weird. Why would I get ready, If I'm just staying at home? For me (and many of my friends), it's very difficult to get serious about studying if you're still in your pajamas. Now if you're the kind of person who attends class or leaves the house always in pajamas, then you may not see any reason to change your clothes to study at home. You're the exception, but I personally dress up for class, so to distinguish between lazy/lounging/relax time, and study time, I change my outfit in order to suit the mentality. 

Le Northern Belle | How to Actually Study at Home

Le Northern Belle | How to Actually Study at Home
Who's excited for studying?!?!?!

Le Northern Belle | How to Actually Study at Home
My attempt at taking an OOTD selfie -- definitely working towards getting a large wall mirror!

Find a Place

When finding a place, I suggest picking a location that is slightly remote. A room in your house that most people don't usually stay in or use. Try to avoid bedrooms or kitchens, just because you'll most likely fall asleep or start over snacking. The house I live in has a second living room in the basement that for the most part isn't used or if it is being used, it's usually really quiet. All you need is a table and a chair and congrats, you have a new study set up! Try and avoid sofas and coffee tables because you can also fall asleep on them because they are super comfy. However depending on the homework, a sofa can be perfectly fine. For my creative writing classes or blogging post, I prefer working on a couch! It all depends on your preferred style!

Le Northern Belle | How to Actually Study at Home

Get Rid of Distractions

The best way to eliminate distraction on my computer is with the ColdTurkey app. You fill in the websites you want to be "temporarily banned" from and for how long. Once you've submitted it, you can't go on those sites for the time, even if you delete the app! For my phone, I turn on the "Do Not Disturb" feature. When you turn this on, you phone won't make a sound or vibrate when you get any notifications. The only thing that will make a noise are repeat phone calls from the same person.

The websites I block are:

|| Pinterest ||
|| Facebook ||
|| Blogger ||
|| Instagram ||
|| Twitter || 
|| YouTube ||
|| Bloglovin ||

Le Northern Belle | How to Actually Study at Home

Take a Break

To avoid burning out, you have to take a break! Something to re-energize you and to get your mind off your work for a brief amount of time. I found that I needed a change of scenery, and since my roommate Kelsey was meeting up with a friend at Starbucks, I decided to tag along and get some work done there. 

Le Northern Belle | How to Actually Study at Home

Know When to Call it a Day

On Saturday, I was planning on watching the Women's Varsity hockey game because we were in the playoffs, so I knew that I had to get my work done by 2:00 PM! Luckily, I got all the work that I needed to get done for the day finished by 1:00-ish, so I even had time to grab some lunch before the game with Kelsey! We went to Freshii, which is like a healthy restaurant where you can make your own burritos or bowls, etc. This is definitely my go-to place for burrito bowls in Waterloo!

Le Northern Belle | How to Actually Study at Home

Le Northern Belle | How to Actually Study at Home
The Chicken/Steak Bowl I made before I literally inhaled it!

Le Northern Belle | How to Actually Study at Home
Me and Kelsey at the Hockey Game
Happy Studying!


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