I've been an active member of my sorority, AOΠ, for two years now, I know time flies by! During my time, I've attended countless meetings. If I did the math right and attended every single chapter meeting, that would be a grand total 48 meetings (not including committee meetings, Greek Council meetings and Leader's Council meetings). I've picked up on a few skills and tips that make attending meetings easier and that I wish I had been told when I joined. Just like anything in life, it's good to be prepared. With meetings, you want to be sure that you not only have everything you need but also know what's going on during a meeting.

How to Prepare for a Meeting | Le Northern Belle

Meeting Agenda

Before every sorority meeting, usually two days before the meeting, an agenda is sent out to all the members. READ IT! Agendas are like what syllabus are to classes. They let you know everything that will be happening in the meeting. This way you know what will be discussed on that day and can, therefore, prepare any questions ahead of time. 


This is dependant on whether the meeting has a dress code. For my sorority meetings, once a month, we'll have a business meeting, which has a business casual dress code in effect. Even though our other weekly meetings don't have an actual dress code, I still like to dress in pretty much business casual. For me, it allows me to focus on the meeting information (I take the same approach for when I go to classes). 

Tote Bag or Back Pack

You should always have a backpack or tote with you when attending a meeting because you should be bringing supplies with you. Any bag will be fine, as long as it fits everything you need to bring! 

How to Prepare for a Meeting | Le Northern Belle
Top to Bottom: Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote, Aldo Hatchet Tote, Aldo Almemosa Tote
Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Large, Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

What Should be in your Bag?

(a physical notebook to write down things that are said and to write down any questions that you may think of during the meeting or to doodle -- doodling is fun!)
(To write in the Notebook)
Water Bottle
(You're going to get thirsty, especially if the meeting is longer that half an hour)
(Same as above -- just replace thirsty with hungry!)
An Agenda/Planner/Calendar
(In the case that a new event is proposed or changed, you can have it accurately written down)
The Meeting Agenda
(This is kind of a bonus item to have, but just in case you want to follow along)
Any questions you have from the Agenda
A watch
(Not so much IN your bag, but on your wrist)

I would suggest against taking notes on your laptop to sorority meetings. It's just too easy to get distracted with social media and completely zone out of what is being said. However, I do use my laptop sometimes!

I hope these tips helped you out, let me know if I've forgotten anything, down in the comments!


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