I'm normally not a big concert goer. Besides the free concerts that my university holds during Welcome Week, the only paid concert that I have been to was Down With Webster in Toronto, back in 2011. It was a fun time, don't get me wrong, but unless I can get a group of friends together who are super pumped to go (with none-to-minimal persuasive efforts needed), I'd rather spend my money on other things (i.e. food, clothes, shoes, trips).

However when my amazing sorority big, Jenn, suggested I come to Beyoncé's Formation tour with a group of friends (again, minimal effort needed), I jumped at the opportunity!

Having been to only a small handful of concerts (therefore no inspiration to spring off of), I am now stumped on what on earth to wear for this pretty much once-in-my-lifetime opportunity.
I came up with a few collages of potential outfits to wear, that all channel different kinds of style. If you could help me out by picking your favourite combinations, that would be amazing! Keep in mind that I will be wearing this outfit to the concert and then out to the clubs afterwards.

Concert Outfits | Help Me Get Ready For Beyoncé

Concert Outfits | Help Me Get Ready For Beyoncé

These are pretty much all the options for shoes that I was planning to wear for the concert. I do have other options that could also work with a few of the outfits which are a pair of white converse and a pair timberland boots. The only thing with those shoes is that I'm pretty sure that the group of us going are either wearing some kind of heel or are already tall (I want to be seen in photos!)

Now, it's time for what everyone has most likely been waiting for, let's see some outfits!
Concert Outfits | Help Me Get Ready For Beyoncé

The idea behind this posh-like outfit was that I would wear this with a long sleeved low plunging bodysuit underneath and then wear this jacket on top, either buttoned up or opened. Underneath the bodysuit, I would be wearing either skin coloured or fishnet tights (like Beyonceé wears her bodysuits). For shoes, I was thinking the over the knee boots. What do you think?

Concert Outfits | Help Me Get Ready For Beyoncé

Of course, there has to be an all-black outfit! I think any of the shoes would work well with this outfit but my top choices would be the heeled booties or the Nike Sky Hi Dunks.

Concert Outfits | Help Me Get Ready For Beyoncé
This is my take on a super edgy outfit. I'd also wear either the skin coloured or fishnet tights under the shorts and most likely pair it with the Nike Shoes.

Concert Outfits | Help Me Get Ready For Beyoncé
This my glitzy glam outfit, which I would likely pair with the heeled booties!

Concert Outfits | Help Me Get Ready For Beyoncé
Last but not least, this is my more casual outfit idea. Gotta have at least one! I'd also pair this with the Nikes. 

If you've been to a concert before I would love to hear your input and suggestions on my outfit options. If you have a different outfit or a different arrangement of the outfits I made, I want to know all about it in the comment section! Also, let me know what concerts/music festivals you'll be going to this year!


  1. I love all of these outfits, but I think I have to vote for outfit three. It will be so much easier to dance and it's edgy and cute! xo

    1. Thanks Claudia, that outfit was a huge favourite with many of my friends! I think I'm gonna go with that one :D


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