The semester is finally over for me! Luckily, I don't have any exams during the final exam period, which means... An extra month off for summer break! However, it still doesn't feel like Summer, or even Spring, since Waterloo received another wonderful gift from Mother Nature on Sunday in the form of about 15 - 20cm of snow! Thanks, but no thanks.

Le Northern Belle | What Have I Been Up To?

Now, just because I don't have the typical final exams, I, by no means, can say that this semester was at all easy. Especially March, which was anything but a breeze. The thing is, when you don't have final exams, I should have read: prepare to have a bajillion and one things due during the last week of classes! I like to call this: Stress Overload

Le Northern Belle | What Have I Been Up To?

Even though I thought there was no way in hell that I would finish everything, I believe that every university student knows how to come clutch at the last minute. Alas, I am here, having finished all my assignments by the due date.

However in the midst of all the craziness that this semester brought, the one thing that I did that I 100% wish I could attend again is Kin Games! What is in Kin Games? One of the most amazing experience I've had so far as a university student. Well, it's a weekend long intercollegiate competition and conference that brings together Canada's Kinesiology departments. All weekend long, we scream cheers, play sports, party all night long, meet some amazing people and test how well you know our Kin. My team and I have been prepping since late September and after going, I can see why. 

I can definitely attest that by the end of the week, all you'll want is an unlimited supply of halls -- from all the nonstop cheering, a foam roller -- from all the late night dancing and sports you played...without stretching, and your own bed to sleep in -- possibly for 24 hours straight. Coming into university, I had always wanted to go on a Spring Break trip, and though it wasn't exactly 25 degrees and sunny in Montreal -- it was like 5 degrees...on a good day, this trip was a pretty great substitute! Later into April, I plan to make a blog post on What to Know if You're Going to KIN Games. I will link it here as well once it goes live.

So what am I up to now? As of right now, I am currently in the process of finding a full-time job for the summer. I've been applying to jobs left, right, and centre. I'm hoping to get a position or internship n the Public Relations or Communications field, so fingers crossed that I land one! Until then, I'll be working on improving my blog site. I'm excited to learn even more about HTML and hopefully get a better grasp of SEO. If you have any suggestions for how I can make my blog better, I would love to read about in the comments section below! 


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