The May Two-Four weekend is just around the corner! For many Canadians, this weekend, which commemorates Queen Victoria’s Birthday, gives us the chance to throw a party, light some fireworks and have ourselves a three-day weekend (since the Monday is a national holiday). As the official (well, not really official) marker of summer for Canada, you’ll definitely be seeing many families heading up to the cottage, going out on their boats or barbecuing in their backyards. I really look forward to this weekend every year because to me, it means I can now start wearing my bright and fun colours (with just as colourful accessories to match).

Now like I said, May Two-Four is just a week away, and if you’re like me, you’ve most likely have yet to plan how you are are going to be spending  the holiday or the holi-weekend. I, kind of, am going with the flow for this season, so whatever path is laid for me, I will take do that. According to the Weather Network, they predict that it will be a high of 19 degrees, which is pretty warm (Hopefully it stays like this or gets better).

A few ideas have been running through my head over the past couple of weeks and in all honesty, they all seem like wonderful (and plausible ideas) for this long weekend. Whatever it is that you decide to do with this long weekend, make sure to celebrate with those people in life that you love. Nothing is more important than friends and families, so long weekends like these need to be taken advantage. There are only a few days a year where everyone in the country is off. 


When is brunch ever a bad idea? With everyone in my family on such hectic and opposite schedules, we rarely have days where we can all come together to sit down and have a meal together. Spending this upcoming Monday morning with a nice brunch is not only an amazing way to start off the day and week, but it’s also a great way to catch up with both friends and/or family. Plus, it’s an activity (loosely used) that includes food! That, and it being a holiday, you can almost guarantee that you’ll get a great turnout of family and friends! Just a heads up, you’ll probably notice a common trend in this post. Comment down below what you think it is!

Watch the Fireworks

Regardless of what holiday it is, you can be sure that there will be a firework show taking place in Toronto. Every year, Ashbridge’s Bay has a firework show for Victoria’s Day. In my 21 years, I have never attended the Victoria’s Day Firework show. Most of those 21 years, the reason was that I had school the next day. This year, I’m hoping to finally get to see the show. Fingers crossed!

Ready for May Two-Four Weekend | Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!


Something that I, and many other citizens, tend to forget about Toronto is that is graced with many large and beautiful parks and trails throughout the city. With this year’s Victoria Day Weekend weather prediction being in the low 20s, it is a great day to choose and explore a new park in Toronto. My favourite parks are Riverdale Park, High Park and Colonel Sam Smith Park. One of my summer plans is to see more of Toronto’s parks. I’m hoping to get myself a bike to be able to see as much of these parks as possible. On my new summer parks, the list is:

// Scarborough Bluffs //
// Hanlan’s Point //
// Ward’s Island //
// Trinity-Bellwoods Park //

Ready for May Two-Four Weekend | Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!
High Park

Ready for May Two-Four Weekend | Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!
Scarborough Bluffs

Ready for May Two-Four Weekend | Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!
Trinity-Bellwoods Park

Canoeing at the Lake

Along with the city’s great (yet hidden) parks, there are a lot of the activities that one can do at the Toronto Harbourfront. Surprisingly, you can rent a kayak, canoe or paddleboard to use on Lake Ontario! If Monday does, in fact, end up being a nice day, this would be an amazing and unique activity to take part in. I used to kayak and canoe at summer camp ever year when I was younger and I always loved it. Along with kayaks and canoes, you can also rent motorboats, however, they do require a boating license and depending on the size of the boat, they may require that you have experience driving.


If you're fortunate enough to have your own family cottage or lucky enough to get a cottage rental/Airbnb this close to the long weekend, I would definitely capitalize on this. Heading up to the cottage for the weekend to take some time to relax and forget about life’s responsibilities, even if for a little while, is always a good idea. There is something about removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life and putting yourself in a location with no service and greenery for miles, that really calms the soul and the mind (for me at least). 

Ready for May Two-Four Weekend | Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!


It's time to celebrate and the perfect time to through a party! Nothing says par-tay, more than a good barbecue. If there is ever an excuse, no matter how small, to barbecue, then you should use it. Bring out the grill. Invite some people. Have some drinks and kickback! Everyone loves food, and a barbecue definitely takes the cake!

Ready for May Two-Four Weekend | Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!


Speaking of cake, why not spend the day baking. For the select few, myself included, who find baking relaxing, this the activity for you. Besides, what’s a Queen’s birthday without a few cupcakes and treats?

Ready for May Two-Four Weekend | Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!

Again, whatever it is you decide to do, make sure your surrounded with the people you love in life. Oh and don’t forget to take pictures to commemorate this long weekend event. 

Have a great Victoria’s Day Weekend, Everyone!

What are you doing for Victoria's Day Weekend? Let me know in the comments!


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