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Chapter One of The Intern's Diary | how to find the internship

Chapter Two

You've found the internship and you've handed in your application package. Within a few days, you get a phone call from a number that you don't really recognize (am I the only one who screens their calls for unrecognizable numbers?). You answer it and realize that it's the internship director you had sent your application to, a couple of days ago. Being the organized and proactive person you are, you already have your pen and paper ready to jot down important notes. Your interview is scheduled for next week... now what?

Interviews can seem like a very intimidating process of the whole application process but until a better method of determining one's qualification can be discovered, interviews will be something we'll (sadly) have to do. 

Le Northern Belle | The Intern's Diary | how to ace that interview

I like to think that I have been through my fair share of interviews, especially after this year, and each one has taught me something about how to interview. There may be some different/additional elements when interviewing for positions in other industries, but at its core, most interview elements stay consistent.

Chapter One

Before this guide can be of any use to yourself, you need to actually have an internship. Duh! This step, however, is a lot easier said than done. Many companies and organizations offer internship positions but for some reason, they're often difficult to find out about. There's nothing more rattling than knowing you have the skills and qualifications for your dream internship, but for some reason, cannot find any openings to apply for. 

Le Northern Belle The Intern's Diary how to find the internship
When I got my internship back in May, I had no idea as to what an intern actually does. What do I wear? What do I  bring? Am I expected to go to lunch with my co-workers every day? I had zero clues. 

Now that I about to finish my first month as a marketing and public programs assistant, I have finally gotten into the swing of things. Plus in the process of it all, I picked up on a few things that would have been amazing to know from day one! Starting Saturday, June 11th, I will be starting a new blogging series called "The Intern's Diary." 


The purpose of this series would be a sort of guide for incoming and current interns; whether it's your first time interning or 20th time interning. No matter how long (or how short) you've been in the intern game, there is always something new or different to learn. This is why I want this blog series to be a conversation.
The past few weeks have been a little bit on the hectic side. As of mid-may, I have started two of my summer jobs. One of them is a marketing assistant position with the city and the other is a production muse for kate spade new york. This summer is gonna be hectic but it will definitely be a summer to remember, especially since this will be my first summer (in a long time) that I will be working full-time. Chances are when I add up all the hours between the two jobs, I would technically be working overtime. 

Besides being finally employed this summer (hallelujah!) I have such a great opportunity with College Fashionista as one of their summer Style Guru Intern. I sometimes can't even hold in how excited I am about this! 

Le Northern Belle College Fashionista Style Guru Intern


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