When I got my internship back in May, I had no idea as to what an intern actually does. What do I wear? What do I  bring? Am I expected to go to lunch with my co-workers every day? I had zero clues. 

Now that I about to finish my first month as a marketing and public programs assistant, I have finally gotten into the swing of things. Plus in the process of it all, I picked up on a few things that would have been amazing to know from day one! Starting Saturday, June 11th, I will be starting a new blogging series called "The Intern's Diary." 


The purpose of this series would be a sort of guide for incoming and current interns; whether it's your first time interning or 20th time interning. No matter how long (or how short) you've been in the intern game, there is always something new or different to learn. This is why I want this blog series to be a conversation.

Each Saturday, you can check back in on lenorthernbelle.com for a new topic related to interning (or working). At the end of each post, there will be some kind of challenge. I want to keep as much of the challenge details a secret (I love secrets/surprises) but what I will say is, it will revolve around social media (i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

I hope you're all excited because I am super stoked! This is the first time I am trying something like this, so all the feedback and all the comments will be greatly appreciated.

If you're an intern this summer, I would love to know what your internship is and something you're excited for this summer -- over on the twittersphere! Tweet your responses and tag me @mmarthinaa with the hashtag #internsdiary

I can't wait to read and reply to all of your responses! 

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