The past few weeks have been a little bit on the hectic side. As of mid-may, I have started two of my summer jobs. One of them is a marketing assistant position with the city and the other is a production muse for kate spade new york. This summer is gonna be hectic but it will definitely be a summer to remember, especially since this will be my first summer (in a long time) that I will be working full-time. Chances are when I add up all the hours between the two jobs, I would technically be working overtime. 

Besides being finally employed this summer (hallelujah!) I have such a great opportunity with College Fashionista as one of their summer Style Guru Intern. I sometimes can't even hold in how excited I am about this! 

Le Northern Belle College Fashionista Style Guru Intern

Great!!! What's a Style Guru Intern?

As a Style Guru, I'm responsible for finding students around campus who are wearing stylish and fashionable outfits. I will be taking photos and writing articles on these Fashionistas/Fashionistos. I will be posting on the site once a month (right here). 

My very first article has already gone live, which is my style guru bio! I had a lot of fun putting that article together, so you should definitely check it out (right after you're done reading this post, while you're there, give it some "Rad love!")

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