I surprised myself this year with how many things that I could or at least that I thought I could, this summer. If you're new to my blog or haven't been following me on social media (which you should definitely be doing!), let me catch you up to speed.

This summer, I knew that I would not be taking summer classes at the university because frankly, I had no reason to. I'm currently four classes away from graduating and have strategically placed those courses in my fall and winter terms. In not taking any classes over the summer months, I had no excuse to not have a summer job (that and I have many things to pay off and an exchange that I'm saving for).  

Le Northern Belle - The Most Hectic Summer Ever - Life Update

Between balancing two jobs and two internships, I thought I was prepared to pay off all my debts, save up for my exchange, maintain a decent social life and more importantly my health. Boy, was I seriously naïve!


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