I surprised myself this year with how many things that I could or at least that I thought I could, this summer. If you're new to my blog or haven't been following me on social media (which you should definitely be doing!), let me catch you up to speed.

This summer, I knew that I would not be taking summer classes at the university because frankly, I had no reason to. I'm currently four classes away from graduating and have strategically placed those courses in my fall and winter terms. In not taking any classes over the summer months, I had no excuse to not have a summer job (that and I have many things to pay off and an exchange that I'm saving for).  

Le Northern Belle - The Most Hectic Summer Ever - Life Update

Between balancing two jobs and two internships, I thought I was prepared to pay off all my debts, save up for my exchange, maintain a decent social life and more importantly my health. Boy, was I seriously naïve!

This "ideal" summer that I had planned for myself, which was essentially a 
"work hard, play hard mentality", could not have been any worse for myself. I ended up spreading myself thin, way too thin.

With the hefty to-do list of things I wanted to do this summer, it wasn't hard to let a few (or a lot of)  things suffer. For the many of you who have been following me week after week both here at lenorthernbelle.com and on my social media platform, you may have been surprised that the girl who had once been called (by her sorority) the social media queen, had stopped posting. Completely cold-turkey. Without even a little heads-up of what was going on. 

Here's what happened. I was letting things that had originally mattered and were important to me like my blog, social media, friends, sleep, slip by the wayside. Working day after day, and week after week, often times without even a day off, began to take a huge toll on me. After living like this for almost three months, I began stressing out about everything in life. Not working hard enough, not hanging out with friends enough, not blogging or posting enough, not eating enough, not sleeping enough. Doing any one of these things meant that something else would likely suffer, which also brought on additional stress. It's honestly a vicious cycle.

It wasn't until I began to feel uneasy, faintish, and at times even overly-emotional at work that I started to take a good look at what was going on in my life. What was I doing to myself? I wasn't happy. I felt as if life was going by so quickly and I wasn't enjoying it, at least not as much as I once did. It's like I was completely stagnant in life. I knew that this was not what I wanted my life to be like. Something needed to change. I'm not quite sure how the change will come about or what that change exactly is, but I just know that it needs to come quickly. For my own well-being and for my sanity. 

For you readers who are still here, I want to thank you so much for sticking around! I hope this update can kind of explain what's been going on. I love you all and I will be back (hopefully soon) with my regular posting and I have every intention of finishing my Intern's Diary Series! Talk to you all real soon!


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