It has been a while since I’ve written anything that even remotely resembles a blog post. A year (or two) has definitely come and gone since I wrote my last post, which was about my college bedroom. Well - a lot of things happened in the past 2 years! First and foremost, I've graduated from university (so I'm no longer living in that bedroom). Between leaving for half a year to go on exchange in the Netherlands, to graduating university, to getting my first career job, to nearing my 2-year work-iversary, life has definitely been filled a huge whirlwind of events (I’ll talk about these all in future posts). In hindsight, it would have been ideal to have blogged throughout the time (since blogging for me also acts as a way of documenting things in my life), but here we are.

          Now, there is a question that I can see popping up, “Why start back up with blogging after being gone for so long?”

          A couple of days ago, I was thinking of what my hobbies were, which took me forever and a half to actually come up with by the way. A friend of mine was able to think of their hobbies by asking “what do I not have time for?” I find that hobbies are normally the first thing that most people will cut out of their schedule in order to make for “more time.” When I thought of what some of those things were for me, blogging naturally came up (along with cooking/baking new recipes, being active, etc.). I realized that I needed to redefine my priorities and prioritize those aspects of my life that brought me happiness. Reflecting on things now, I am grateful for the amazing opportunities I’ve been given throughout these years, however, I'm not necessarily doing all the fun things I want to do in my life. I’ve found myself becoming more pessimistic and negative in general (and I don’t like that version of me). At the end of the day, if you don’t advocate for yourself – no one else will.

          I have some big plans for where I want to see my life and where I want to take this blog site – and I hope you can bear with me through it all. I’m putting pen to paper (figuratively at least, in this realm, it’s more like finger to keyboard) to keep this blog up and running. I don’t want to give any spoilers as to what exactly is in store, but to keep me to the fire, there will be a little rebranding going on and a website revamp. Think more minimal and crisp.


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